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The JM Experience represents an innovative venture in the youth soccer world, offering a unique blend of sporting and cultural adventure for young soccer enthusiasts. Spearheaded by Jonathan Makaya, a native of Hérault who has made his home in Montreal, this program provided a group of young individuals, aged between 13 to 22 years, with the chance to immerse themselves in a rewarding experience. The base camp for this journey was established in Palavas, a location chosen not just for Jonathan's personal ties to the region but also for his desire to expose the youths to a different football culture than what they are accustomed to in Canada.

During their stay, these young talents had the opportunity to hone their soccer skills under the guidance of Jonathan, who brought with him a wealth of international experience and expertise. The JM Experience went beyond the pitch, offering participants a deep dive into local culture. From training sessions on the beach and synthetic fields to exploring the delights of the region, from Sète to the MHSC training center, the youths were opened up to new perspectives and dreams of possible futures in the football world. Although this initiative unfolded somewhat under the radar, it reflects Jonathan and his team's commitment to providing a unique development platform that intertwines the passion for soccer with cultural discovery.

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